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Package Deals Available!

We can put together a package deal for any our available goats. The more you purchase, the bigger the savings! We are keeping several 2024 kids, this means we need to move some of our favorites on to new pastures. Reach out if you see anyone who catches your eye! We will consider offers as well!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by! Our farm is located in the beautiful mountains of Southwestern Virginia. We offer a variety of products and services. We breed and sell Nigerian dwarf goats, alpacas, Muscovy ducks, and a few breeds of chickens.

Our herd of Nigerian dwarf goats are all ADGA registered and are bred for milk production as well as conformation. We believe in producing quality animals that are as sweet as they are pretty. We offer doe kids, wethers, and occasionally bucklings during certain times of the year. We also offer adult goats periodically. Prices start at $350 and go up, depending on genetics and gender. We do offer a discount for package deals, as we prefer to sell goats along with a buddy. They adjust to their new home so much better this way. Please check out our breeding chart to see this year's pairings and approximate due dates. Feel free to contact us to be added to the waiting list for specific breedings or reach out with any questions!

We will have Muscovy ducklings available beginning in spring. They are typically sold straight run, but we do offer breeding trios on occasion. If you are interested in being added to our list for babies, please send us a message so we can hatch enough eggs for all of our customers. More information on these breeds, as well as pricing, can be found on our website.